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29-06-2021, Saat: 09:12
There are a lot of theories swimming around anime fandom these days regarding what appears on Toonami and what doesn’t. One common assumption I hear a lot is that if an anime premieres on a streaming service, it’s exclusive to that service and can’t appear on anything else, cable or otherwise. This theory was used to explain why The Seven Deadly Sins (which is on Netflix) did not air on Toonami…never mind that Demon Slayer is also there and the existing episodes ran on Toonami through several cycles.
Waterproof Apron Cute

Clampett’s original pun-filled story was later adapted for the April-June 1963 DELL Beany & Cecil comic book, which was illustrated by Willie Ito, an artist who worked for Disney Feature Animation back in the 1950s.

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Clampett was born in San Diego, California on May 8, 1913 and his early life was influenced by newspaper comic strips and movies featuring Harold Lloyd, Lon Chaney, Douglas Fairbanks and similar classic actors.

One would assume that if Inuyasha got a sequel series, that series would inevitably appear on Toonami, given the original was such a staple of the block. The wrap-up season from the 2010s also appeared there. So why wouldn’t Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon show up too? …”Because it premiered on Hulu, that’s why.” As of now we can finally put that dumb theory to rest…Toonami’s Facebook page has confirmed Yashahime will begin airing there before the end of this month.

Some people have looked at this cartoon and had the reaction “this is Thundercats Roar again, it’s doomed to fail.” Not really a fair comparison. Thundercats Roar was an attempt to make something ridiculous out of something cool, so it was set up to flop before it even got started. The characters in Jellystone, however, were meant to be funny. That task was more difficult back when they were new and under the thumb of Saturday Morning network censors. But now, on HBO Max, Boo Boo gets a chainsaw!

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In Japan, the anime is still going on and going strong, but it hasn’t come out in the west yet…outside of Canada. Yes, the 49th episode has already released in Canada for some odd reason but regardless of that reason, there have been some tidbits released about what Pokemon Master Journeys will be like. Including its theme song. It’s called “A Journey To Your Heart”, and you can hear and watch it below.

On the 1962 animated version of Beany and Cecil, Clampett decided to parody the popular “Disneyland” television program in an episode entitled Beanyland.APRON

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