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Just to let you know it’s there, I make brief mention of the episode Physical Fatness (1/23/65), from Total Television’s Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales. There is little original to write about, as Chumley is recruited by Tennessee to become a famous prize fighter, but can’t even compete against a flyweight fighter weighing only 50 pounds. A trip to Sillyman’s Gym follows the typical patterns of rowing machines, punching bags, skipping rope, and barbells, nearly all producing holes in the floor or walls. Mr. Whoopee is consulted, and his regimen of exercise on the 3DBB looks suspiciously close to the outline drawings of Tipso from The Mighty Mr. Titan. Chumley’s training eventually pays off, giving him the stamina to outlast his opponent in the ring. The boys win a fancy limousine their rival Jereboa Jump has been showing off with around the zoo – only to find it was a flat movie prop all the time, propelled in back by a tandem bicycle. Oh well, at least they’re now sure to get plenty of exercise.T-SHIRT

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Things changed in the nineties because Walt Disney Records was infused with the success of the “Disney Renaissance” of musical powerhouse films like Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Lion King, all films with scores that fortified the music division the way Mary Poppins did, many times over. Producer and historian Randy Thornton seized the opportunity to bring long-neglected soundtracks off the shelves and into the homes of waiting listeners.

Health Feud (Film Roman, Garfield and Friends, 9/27/89) – Garfield slowly awakens one morning, seating himself at the breakfast table in anticipation of his owner providing him with a hearty breakfast. Instead, he finds the plates bare, and Jon occasionally passing through the kirchen at full run in a jogging suit. Garfield tries to get Jon’s attention. “Flapjack shortage. Serious lack of pancakes here. Attention, Mission Control…” Realizing things will be “self-service” today, Garfield opens the refrigerator door, and stares inside in horror. “The refrigerator’s empty – and I didn’t empty it!” The cause is a new TV exercise show host, Rick Deltoid, who’s got Jon working out and throwing away all his fattening foods. Jon asks Garfield to join him in exercising in front of the set. “Not for all the lasagna in Italy”, reacts Garfield. On the program, the show host invites the viewers to work out at Rick Deltoid’s House of Sweat. Jon drags Garfield along, insisting that the cat also get in shape. Garfield insists he already is – “Round is a shape.”Leak Navel T-Shirt

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The big TV pairup finally occurs. Atilla, however, is nonplussed even at the new look of his adversary. “You may look all muscley-wuscley, but underneath you’re still a pipsqueak, you know what I’m sayin’?” Atilla pokes Pink’s chest – and the new muscles deflate as fast as they appeared, leaving Pink to sigh, “Oh, pooh.” The events include a rope swing (in which Atilla cheats by handing Pink an electric live-wire to swing on), a run through a gamut of firing cannons (which Pink survives by knocking the cannonballs away with baseball bat and hockey stick), and a final event of jousting on a tightrope while balanced on unicycles, above the dreaded pit of ferocious poodles. “Who dreams up these games?”, wonders Panther. The coach helps Panther catch up to Atilla by coiling Panther’s tail under him, and launching him up to the tightrope. Panther mounts his unicycle, takes hold of boxing-glove tipped lance, and charges at the advancing Atilla. But suddenly, before impact, Panther seems to have disappeared. “Yo, Atilla”, his voice calls. Panther, still astride his unicycle, is now upside down under the rope – keeping himself attached to it by holding himself up with the wound tip of his tail. Without the aid of such a rear appendage, Atilla pivots himself upside down to meet Panther face to face, and asks, ‘Hey, how do you do that?” “You don’t have time to hear about it. It’s a long ‘tail’”, responds Panther. Atilla falls to the poodles, while Pink rights himself and claims the championship. He gives all his credit to the coach, but the coach refuses the plaudits, stating that Panther used his wits when he used his tail, so brains beat brawn after all. Atilla passes the camera with poodles nipping at his rear end, and Pink takes the curtain line with a wave of “Hasta la vista, Atilla”, delivered in Schwarzenegger voice.

Who wins? Well, you’re going to have to watch and see, but we can promise you this is a battle that you won’t want to miss.Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Had the Shermans’ “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” accompanied the opening titles, it would have been their first song in a Disney animated feature, before The Sword in the Stone. The tune also showed up on a 101 Dalmatians read-along book and record set in 1965. The remaining songs are from previous Disney films and Disneyland records, except perhaps “Sweet Adeline,” sung with canine howls by the Mellomen in the style of “Home Sweet Home” as heard in Lady and the Tramp. It was either the unreleased “B” side of a single or made for this album. Camarata versions of Lady and the Tramp tunes dominate the LP, though most of its score is not especially dog-specific.

Throughout his career in animation, Art Davis saved many artifacts, such as group photographs that include him and various staff members, production artwork from various studios, gag drawings, contracts and correspondence. Many items shown here are courtesy of Steven Marshall, the user who submitted the photograph and husband of Art Davis’ granddaughter. This post is a gallery of some of these items. (Some of the drawings reproduced here are from low-res files and cut off the full image, so please excuse the quality.)Kids' T-Shirt
T Shirt Girl

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