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Next, a stationary bicycle. The old gag revisited again, as the rear stand vibrates out of place like a kick-stand removed. Billy sails out the station rear door, up a hill, back down again in reverse, into the station, and takes out another wall. Possible is noticing their home is beginning to look thinner than the bear himself. Possible installs one more device from the roof rafters – a chinning bar. Billy’s weight, reduced or no, is still an overwhelming factor here, and Poss quickly realizes he has made a mistake, as the rafters begin to groan. He and Macon Mouse abandon station, as the roof caves in under the bear’s weight, and all four walls collapse in one by one, as if watching the fall of a house of cards.

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When an entertainment production is planned, among the business decisions are the various ways consumers will enjoy it in various other media formats. None of this is by chance because everything involves people, fees and contracts.

Fat and Fatter (“Tex Avery” series, 10/21/97), pits comic cowboy Tex Avery and his arch rival Sagebrush Sid in a titanic battle over the affections of the lovely Chastity. In some respects, out of all the episodes in the series, this may come the closest to being a direct homage to stock plot elements from the creation of the series’ namesake inspiration. Tex and Sid arrive on the doorstep of shapely Chastity, verbally battling over who is the date, and who is the chaperone – when the door swings open, and Chastity passes them, arm in arm with a cowboy so plump, he is barely able to squeeze into the door of a limousine-style horse-drawn wagon. Chastity waves goodbye, and leaves the boys flat. Avery and Sid stare with jaws dropped to the floor. “But he was so – so – – – FAT!”, they react in unison. Looking down at his own puny physique, Avery states this sets his mind to thinking that maybe he and Sid could stand to put on a few pounds – but finds that Sid is one jump ahead of him, inside the house and emptying the food contents of Chastity’s pantry into his person, including eating from a can reading “100% lard”. “I’m in the lead, and at this rate, I’ll be Chastity’s number one chubbo in no time.” “I gotta get me porked up and fast”, says Tex, then spots a pie Chastity has left to cool on a windowsill. Chastity has in fact been quite the busy baker today, as two more windowsills reveal a bigger, followed by a biggest, additional pie. Tex devours all, and starts to show he is catching up to Sid’s girth rapidly. “And still bloatin’”, he says to Sid, as he picks up a phone, and dials Humongous Larrty’s pie company. (A comical split screen visual is presented to show both sides of the phone call, with the cutaway half-screen rolling down and landing on Sid’s head, and the transaction for an order of a half-dozen pies completed by the characters reaching across the split screen to hand over pies for cash – a screen device similar to the real Tex Avery’s work in Tortoise Beats Hare.) As Avery downs the new stock of pies, the dimensions of the characters clearly start to resemble the bloated torsos of the cat, dog, and bird in King Size Canary. A battle of phone calls begins, with Sid countering Avery’s orders to the pieman, and door-to-door deliveries being made to each of the combatants, with Sid repeatedly telling the delivery boy that “The other fat guy is paying. Before long, Sid not only has Tex paying (and the delivery boy collacting bankroll after bankroll of cash), but even plops his massive weight in to bounce Avery’s latest pie delivery out of his hands and into Sid’s mouth. But this time, Avery has calculated Sid’s move, and sticks into the last pie a sign which he had removed at time of delivery, reading “Diet Pie”. Sid suddenly shrinks back to normal size, while Avery remains fat. Now Sid gets to pull an old Tex Avery gag, used heavily in “Deputy Droopy” – he pulls off his own head, then that of Tex, and switches their places, so now he is in possession of Tex’s fat body. The now puny Tex leaps onto Sid’s back as he tries to escape, then pulls out a can reading “Contents: One Tapeworm.” Opening the can, he drops the tapeworm into Sid’s mouth. Within seconds, Sid becomes as skinny as Tex, and the tapeworm leaps out of his mouth, bloated with Sid’s fat, and shakes Tex’s hand as he makes an exit.

The 2020 pandemic affected a lot of things in the world of entertainment. Some known, some not known until much later. For example, many program had to have their seasons cut short due to lockdown restrictions. Then when they came back, they had shorter seasons than they usually would. But another department that was affected was that of voice acting. Because without having certain studios available to them, voice actors either had to wait to record their lines, or, record them in complete isolation. Which is what happened with the Pixar film Luca.

For an example of what I mean, have a look at this video of a post-screening Q&A with J.J. Sedelmaier and myself at a summertime Animation Block Party screening of Pre-Code Cartoons at BAMcinematek in 2015. Skip ahead to 4:02, and you’ll see audience reactions while we ran the infamous 1920s short, Buried Treasure. You can only have this much fun among an in-person audience of many peers!

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The young teen sat through three consecutive full showings that day in order to see a Mickey Mouse short several times so he could sketch Mickey Mouse. There were no illustrations of Mickey Mouse available at that time other than on an occasional movie poster because the flood of Mickey Mouse merchandise had not yet started to provide some reference images.

In 1995, Kasem quit his role as Shaggy in a dispute over being pressured to do a Burger King commercial as the character and that Hanna-Barbera would not make the character of Shaggy a vegan but later resumed the role in 2002.Pillow Case
Custom Anime Pillow Cases

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