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19-06-2021, Saat: 09:46
Thunderbean’s defined, overarching goal right now is to diligently finish many, in not all, projects we’ve already announced by the end of this year. If we don’t make that goal, we’ll be really close. I’m excited to see the final Flip materials showing up here right now, the next title to be finished. All the final pieces coming into place for this marathon project. We’re having our little team putting some eyes on each film, looking for other little things to fix.

These remaining Maltese scans were enclosed by mistake – but I’ll post them anyway. This first one is from The Wabbit Who Came To Supper (1942), the one below that is from Baseball Bugs (1945) – note how horribly faded the color is on the lettering on this one. All the more reason we continue to prioritize film preservation.

[Resim: placemats-stain-resistant-charming-place...50x250.jpg]

Atom Ant repeatedly tries to warn the impossibly gullible gang that something’s not right here, and that this all goes against the grain of his mother’s teachings by which ants live, to always save their resources. Atom also wonders about a large fence behind Mr. Waste’s machine, which Waste forbids them to venture past. As Waste rolls out a conveyor full of banana splits for dessert, Atom appears on the belt, and informs Yogi he’s discovered their host’s secret, asking Yogi and Boo Boo to accompany him to the wall. Atom has raised a ladder to the top of the wall, and Yogi and Boo Boo peer over – reacting in shock at a view of two thirds of the island, devastated and leveled, with the claw-like mechanical arms of the machine’s inner workings just cutting down the last banana trees on the island. We and the bears are left to deal with the horror that our good guys have helped lay waste to an entire island paradise. They and Atom return to the banquet room, where Atom forces the villain to reveal his hand, by requesting a banana split for himself. Out from the machine rolls an empty bowl. Atom informs the crew how the villain’s machine destroyed all the supplies of the island. Mr. Waste chortles, “So what? There are more islands we can move on to. Who’s with me?” When the crew of dum-dums suddenly becomes wise enough not to follow the villain’s lead, the villain still laughs at them, saying, “You wasted your opportunity!” He packs up his equipment and takes off on a private ship, leaving the crew stranded, seemingly with nothing left on the island to replenish their sipplies or to repair the ark. But Atom, the only one showing any intelligence this week, has secretly stashed away in the hold, before Mr. Waste’s machine could finish its work, just enough food and equipment to allow for the ark repair, and to sustain the crew on the next leg of their journey. The reformed crew praise Atom for his timely singlehanded efforts, and vow not to waste what he has saved. Will the child audience thus ever indulge in the vice of gluttony? Hopefully, as the sensible half of them probably turned off their sets before this abomination was halfway through.

This comes close to the 20th Anniversary of Fullmetal Alchemist, where in an interview Hiromu said to the artist of Attack on Titan that something new was coming.Placemats
Cartoon Placemat Activity

Fena is well on her way to becoming a pirate, but is she a princess? That’s a secret none of the promotional materials are willing to divulge. As she finds out more about her past, so will we, but until then, here’s the trailer:

[Resim: placemats-does-not-fade-poster-placemats...50x250.jpg]

Ten years later the tunnel reappears and Towa is able to go home — and to her shock, Setsuna doesn’t seem to remember her! Untangling this mystery is going to take more than just the two of them…they’ll need Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. The series goes on from that point.

This film will be the most difficult to assemble for sure, but I’m excited to finally have all the material laying on the table ready to make the finished Flip cloth.

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