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No matter who the 49ers select at No. 3, the goal is to have depth at the sport's most important position. Having Garoppolo start with a rookie backing up is the ideal scenario. But as Shanahan and Lynch have already stated, anyone can be acquired for the right price.New York Jets

That’s not always a given. Look what the Cincinnati Bengals did with a bad offensive line and a young quarterback recovering from a knee injury. They got Joe Burrow a star wide receiver with the fifth overall pick — a fine move — but weren’t nearly as urgent as they needed to be in addressing that line.Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2 Piece NFL Bedding Set

Now that the 2021 NFL Draft is over? Never mind. From certain angles, it actually looks like the Jets might be putting something together. Not for this year or even the next, but they’re at least making the moves a team at rock bottom should make.

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Bean: Did the Jets do something smart? And other draft overreactions originally appeared on NBC Sports BostonPhiladelphia Eagles

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Davis’ tremendous coverage ability, length, and tackling intensity are what initially attracted Washington's front office to the Honolulu, HI native, but his mentality was assuredly an additional boost. With Davis now playing behind Washington's stellar defensive line, it will be interesting to see how he can turn an already stacked defense into something even more daunting.

"I feel like I have a ton of ability to come in and compete at the next level, and I'm fully ready in that manner," Mills said.Indianapolis Colts

Replay officials, for example, can now advise referees if they see the ball bounce off the ground on what was ruled a completed catch. If the affected coach does not challenge the call, the referee can listen to the replay official's information and decide to change the ruling. They will not, for example, be able to point out mitigating factors on subjective calls such as pass interference.

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