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12-04-2021, Saat: 04:51
NameMen bar
Weight20 kg plus or minus 1%
SpinBronze Bushing&Stainless Steel Bushing
Center KnurlNo
Knurl Marks7 Section Flower
FinishWhite Zinc
Sleeve CoatingWhite Zinc
Tensile Strength230K PSI
The barbell bar is designed for those who do not follow a specific intensity of exercise but only like great bars.
With a diameter of 28 mm, the brass bushing + bearing can achieve smooth but not excessive rotation, and use an ultra-safe snap ring to fix them together.
The barbell bar allows you to squat, press, bench press, and deadlift training, and can accommodate a 50mm standard weight plate.
Specification: 28MM diameter, bearing 1500lb-excellent anti-rust white zinc coating
The shaft knurling is IWF logo knurling, with center knurling, precision designed balance and straightness.
The barbell bar has a specific tiger skin pattern, which is very ornamental, does not hurt the skin of the hand, but also has enough grip. The tiger skin pattern has anti-slip properties and provides sufficient friction.
Custom Logo
If you have a brand, you can choose to carve your brand logo on the weight-lifting barbells. Such as the tail of the sleeve, shoulder ring, rod body.
Our weight-lifting barbells adopt a maintenation-free structure, which does not need later maintenance under normal use, which will save you a lot of trouble.
Our products will be strictly controlled by quality. Every barbell bar will be printed with the date of delivery to ensure the quality.
Each barbell will be covered with plastic film and placed into a 6MM paper tube, with both ends stuffed with sponge.To minimize damage to products during transportation.High quality Special Barbell

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