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What is Freeze dried goji berries?
It鈥檚 freeze dried from wolfberry (Lycium barbarum ). Lycium barbarum fruit powder contains procyanidin, protein, carbohydrate, free amino acid, organic acid, mineral and vitamin. It is the most nutritious fruit powder with the highest procyanidin content. Black wolfberry powder is a natural antioxidant that helps eliminate free radicals, activate skin cells, protect eyesight, improve blood circulation, and regulate blood pressure.
Lycium barbarum has anti-oxidation and anti-fatigue effects. It is one of the best raw materials for sexual function enhancement products, energy drinks, skin care products and blood glucose regulation health products.
Uses, benefits, Side Effects
Boost immunity.
Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-memory fatigue, improve the quality of sleep.
Lower blood fat and blood sugar, lower blood pressure.
Reduces the risk of cancer and inhibits tumor growth.
In Traditional Chinese medicine to help low back pain, dizziness.
Currently, no side effects of this product have been documented in humans.
This products can be widely applied in nutrient supplements, medicine, reagent, fine chemical industry, and additive of food and beverages industry etc.
Quality Control
The testing center of our company is equipped with ULTRAVIOLET room, atom room, gas room, high efficiency liquid room, balance room, high temperature room, chemical room, bacteria examination room, stability laboratory, sample room and central laboratory. Coordinated, comprehensive, systematic and standardized testing of all raw materials, production water, intermediates and finished products to ensure that unqualified raw materials are not put into storage. Disqualified intermediates do not flow into the next process. Nonconforming finished products will not be shipped.
We have our own plant base. Weeding by hand, no pesticides or herbicides used. Control quality from the source.
Packing,Storage,Handling and Transportation
The product is packed in 25kg fiber drum. Or package according to customer requirement.
It should be stored in its original packing or in a suitable sealed container and kept in a clean and dry place. Storage conditions should preferably be a sheltered environment with limited temperature variations and low humidity levels. Direct contact with water or any other liquid will result in product caking. Under normal circumstances, the use of this product will not cause any undue health hazards. Precautions must be taken to prevent solid or liquid product to contact with skin or eyes.Goji Berry Powder factory

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