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Released in 1998. Restoration Producer/Digital Editor: Randy Thornton. Digital Restoration Executive Producer: Ted Kryczko. Musical Director: George Bruns. Audio Research: Scott McQueen, Glenn Ragland. Restoration/Mastering: John Polito. Art Direction: Luis Fernandez. Design: Janet Wilson, Marcella Wong. Illustrations: Phillippe Harchy Studios. Running Time: 57 minutes.Kids' T-Shirt

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The Kennedy Administration would begin a massive public relations campaign by the renamed and restructured President’s Council on Physical Fitness, promoting the virtues of exercise. The public push for fitness would continue with vigor during the administration of Lyndon B. Johnson. There was seemingly an ulterior motive to these efforts – promoting fitness in the youth would ensure that more draft-age men would be classifiable as 1-A, or at least might be easier and less-expensively put through their paces in basic training. These goals of serving your country by staying fit were subliminally laced into the messages and imagery of the program, nearly portraying the fat, lazy slob as absolutely unpatriotic. Such was the mindset of the sixties. All of this of course had its overlaps into the world of animation, as will be discussed below.

Now a new temptation arises, from the wafting aromas of a hot dog wagon selling its wares just outside the panther’s window. Pink goes through a bipolar crisis, alternating between repeatedly ordering hot dogs from the vendor, then remembering his resolve and turning down the dogs after they are fully constructed. But every time he turns his back on the vendor, visions of hot dogs dance through his head – and even a passing dachshund looks like the genuine article. Finally, the vendor can’t take receiving any more orders, and applies the mustard all over Pink’s face, and the bottle atop Pink’s head.

Randy Thornton did have to make a few small adjustments, as he described in the liner notes:

However, for those who knew Bob, it was quite easy during a conversation for him to drift off onto other subjects that interested him or were sparked by the discussion. During that interview, he shared some of his connections with Walt Disney.T-SHIRT

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Eazy E T Shirt

Ten years later the tunnel reappears and Towa is able to go home — and to her shock, Setsuna doesn’t seem to remember her! Untangling this mystery is going to take more than just the two of them…they’ll need Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. The series goes on from that point.Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Next week I will take a look at that cartoon short and the Beany and Cecil parody of “The Happiest Place on Earth”.Leak Navel T-Shirt

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