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Baloo pulls out his old tux from an older cargo box, replete with several gaping mothholes. “So suave. So debonair”, he boasts. “So fat”, adds his ward Kit Cloudkicker, as Baloo struggles to wrap the vest around his midriff. Baloo manages to fasten one button in place – which instantly pops, ricocheting around the room, bouncing into Baloo’s mouth to be nearly swallowed. “Man, that baby had topspin”, Baloo remarks. Kit recommends professional help, and tells Baloo about having heard on the radio about a “famous fat farm”, the Elizabeth Taper Center, where all the movie stars go to drop tonnage. (Reference is considerably out of period for the series, nominally set in the 1930’s, apparently lampooning the dieting efforts of Elizabeth Taylor, which occurred many decades later.) Baloo, as he refers to Kit by his affectionate nickname “little britches”, realizes that without the Center’s help, he’s going to need “big britches”. So he, Kit, and navigator Wildcat set out in the Sea Duck to find the remote island where the Center is located. Dim-witted Wildcat has to ask if the islands are the little “green things” on the map. As Baloo chomps upon a last guacamole taco for the road, the map suddenly develops several more “green things” in the form of guacamole splatter. Thus, Wildcat directs Baloo to bail out for a parachute drop upon an unexpected destination – Bedeviled Island, home of Thembria’s maximum security prison. (This has all the makings of another Mr. Magoo plot.)

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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is basically Inuyasha’s Boruto and follows the offspring of the original stars. The tunnel between feudal and modern-day Japan opens once again, and young Towa falls into it. Her twin sister Setsuna has no idea what happened to her and begins a fruitless search. Meanwhile, Towa is raised by Kagome’s brother and his family over the next decade.

In 2007, an album called Bone-a-fide Hits! (D000117412) was released, combining Sing-a-Long Songs with studio versions of “Doggie in the Window,” Puppy Love,” “My Dog’s Bigger Than Your Dog” and others, plus two music videos. It was followed by another disc of similar material from previous discs entitled 101 Dalmatians and Friends (D000112902), marketed as a “picture disc” because the CD had a color picture that could be seen through the jewel case cover, as the insert card had been removed. Discs like these were usually sold through special arrangements with retailers and to promote home video reissues.

Many things got scanned a few weeks back, including some rare scope cartoons in 35mm Technicolor. Another batch of 35mm Technicolor cartoons landed in my lap a few days back, and these prints are just too good to not scan. The scope cartoons we just scanned will go nicely with these other 35mm 50s cartoons, so we’ve got a new preorder for a special set up, Mostly Scope and Technicolor, today at the Thunderbean shop for a limited time.

Pink goes into the coach’s personal training program. First step is to limber up. The coach accomplishes this by tying Pinky to a medeival rack! The gadget has been geared up with a power switch, on which the coach ups the tension setting to “loose as a goose”. Pink is wound into the shape of a rubber band on a child’s toy airplane, and the winding handle at the foot of the rack starts to spin like a propeller. “I hope I’m cleared for takeoff”, cries Pink, as the entire rack table flies through the room, and crashes through the wall. Next come chin ups. Pink pulls a fast one, making life simpler by coiling his tail like a spring to do all the pushing instead of straining his arms. “Hey, no cheatin’ in my gym”, yells the coach. “When ya’ cheat, ya’ only hurt yourself”, he continues, compressing Pinky’s tail, then letting him bounce to the ceiling. But gravity brings Pink back to Earth, landing him on the coach. “Sometimes your trainer”, the coach concludes.

There’s lots of stuff brewing, but I have to pay attention to the stuff already bubbling in the pot first! I’ve learned to not share everything all the time as much, or someone will trademark a public domain character to try and keep you from producing a set! The juggle is something I’m kind of good at as long as there is only one thing in my hand at any given time. Otherwise I am easily baffled. By the way, my favorite title for a Felix the Cat cartoon is ‘Felix Baffled By Banjos’. That’s also the best alliteration of any cartoon title I can think of.Doormat

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Mattel’s Masters of the Universe has never had it better. Long derided as a shallow, toy-driven property, it’s fallen in the hands of Netflix recently who has weaved some incredible wonders out of it. First there was Noelle Stephenson’s redefining take on She-Ra, and now Kevin Smith is bringing us Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, a ten-part epic that begins in July. The trailer dropped today, and wow:
Non Slip Bath Mats Uk

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