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19-06-2021, Saat: 09:44
First, here’s my reaction, which seems to be one of the few that are not warm to the film.

In addition to Johansson and Pugh, Black Widow also stars David Harbour, O-T Fagbenle, William Hurt, Ray Winstone, and Rachel Weisz. It’s directed by Cate Shortland from a screenplay by Eric Pearson.Placemats

I do think it’s interesting that while name-dropping ’80s fantasy epics, Lowery doesn’t mention the most obvious choice – John Boorman’s big, weird, sexy, and extremely over-the-top Excalibur, a retelling of the Arthurian legend that features Green Knight character Sir Gawain.
Diy Films Placemat Patterns

Henwick’s casting gets the hype train for Knives Out 2 going again, after a brief lull following the casting report of Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline, who was arguably a bit of a disappointment after the back-to-back announcements of high-profile names and internet girlfriends like Leslie Odom Jr., Kathryn Hahn, Dave Bautista, Janelle Monáe, and Edward Norton. (Kate Hudson we could take or leave.) Henwick is a rising star who has outshone a few of the leads she’s co-starred against, becoming a fan-favorite in Iron Fist, with calls for her to receive her own spin-off. But it’s clear that Henwick is destined for greater things, and that’s to become part of a list of suspects who will be interrogated by Benoit Blanc in Knives Out 2.

Tech and Omega also process post-war purpose with a strikingly generational dynamic. As the child clone holds her gaze on a graveyard of ships and realizes a weight she cannot put into words, she poses an important question: “What was the war like?” Tech blithely explains it was just a “primary mission objective.” Omega pushes on, “What was it like?” — her child brain needing to understand the war on emotional terms — but her guardian’s answer is the same and dissatisfactory.

Perhaps the greatest foe that Godzilla has ever faced is none other than Mothra. The flying kaiju has also squared of with many other giant monsters, making her worthy of worship. Now you can bow down to the queen by purchasing Mondo’s new premium scale statue inspired by her appearance in Godzilla: Tokyo SOS, where she goes head-to-head with the giant lizard to keep him from destroying Tokyo…again. With vibrant colors and impressive wingspan, this looks like a must-have for the most die-hard Godzilla fans out there.

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“In many respects, Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s remarkable footage captured multiple storylines. The story of friends and of individuals. It is the story of human frailties and of a divine partnership. It is a detailed account of the creative process, with the crafting of iconic songs under pressure, set amid the social climate of early 1969. But it’s not nostalgia – it’s raw, honest, and human. Over six hours, you’ll get to know The Beatles with an intimacy that you never thought possible.”

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