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Adliye: tazwtt6
Meslek: Yazı İşleri Müdürü
Siciliniz: tazwtt6
01-03-2021, Saat: 09:44
Type of tableware: coupe dinnerset
Material: high quality ceramic material
Feature: Sustainable, Stocked
Number: 12 piece
Place of Origin: Handan, China
Applicable population: the public
Pattern: can be customized according to your requirements
Product Information
The ceramic tableware produced by our company is different. First of all, our ceramic culture has a long history. In the past, ceramics were recognized as non-toxic tableware. In fact, some beautiful outer coats (glazes) of some porcelain tableware contained lead. If the temperature of firing porcelain is not enough or the glaze ingredients are not up to standard, the tableware may contain more lead. When food comes into contact with tableware, lead may spill over the glaze surface and mix into the food. But our company has been established for a long time, has been committed to the production and development of tableware, rich experience, the products produced are absolutely safe and healthy, all users can rest assured to use.
12-piece coupe dinnerset is one of the most exported household ceramic sets. 12-piece coupe dinnerset; service for 4; includes 4 each: 10.5-inch dinner plate, 8-inch salad plate, and 7.25-inch bowl.
Please note, No matter your order is big or not, we are always offering you our best service.Dinnerset

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