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04-03-2021, Saat: 10:46
Disposable protective clothing (medical, non-sterile)
The main raw material of this product is non-woven fabric, and the auxiliary materials are nylon zipper, elastic cuffs and feet, polyester thread, made by cutting and sewing.
Product performance:
1. The appearance should meet the following indicators:
Color: The color of each isolation garment is the same, no obvious color difference
Stains: The appearance of the isolation coat should be dry, clean, free of mildew and stains
Deformity: No defects such as adhesion, cracks and holes are allowed on the surface of the isolation jacket
Thread: No thread longer than 5mm on the surface
2. Water permeability resistance: The hydrostatic pressure in key parts should not be lower than 1.67 KPA (17 cmH2O).
3. Moisture resistance of the surface: the water-wetting level on the outer side should not be lower than level 3.
4. Breaking strength: The breaking strength of the material in the key parts should not be less than 45N.
5. Elongation at break: The elongation at break of the key parts should not be less than 15%.
6. Elastic band: no gap, broken line, can rebound after stretching.
Scope of application: used for outpatient services, outdoor duty, guards, couriers, private transportation, community epidemic prevention, manufacturing and production enterprises, companies, institutions, stations, supermarket staff, taxi drivers, school employees, and laborers returning to the factory Wait as ordinary isolation.
1. Please select and confirm the model specifications of the isolation garment before use.
2. Choose the specifications that suit you according to your figure
3. Put on the isolation clothing to ensure that the placket is properly closed. According to the need to decide whether to wear other protective equipment.China Protective Clothing

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