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04-03-2021, Saat: 09:30
With continued improvement of both technical as well as product development capabilities, the types and applications of die cast products are constantly expanding. We have seen major changes in types of alloy, die casting equipment, die casting molds and the entire die casting process. Especially in the past 20 years, aluminum and zinc alloys as well as magnesium alloy die casting parts have attracted great attention and rapid development in automotive and communication industries, in China and abroad. Most of these structural parts in the aforementioned fields are used for bearing parts, which is closely related to safety. The structural parts are joined with other components to form a high-strength, deformation-resistant frame. Structural parts of this type usually have the characteristics of large dimensions, thin walls and a complex structure. Since die castings require reliable safety during use, the mechanical properties of structural parts are also required to be higher.
Huaxin is a unique partner for the construction of molds. In fact, it is not limited to producing them, but thanks to a dedicated department it can support the customer in the design and engineering of both the molds themselves and the pieces to be obtained by diecasting, as well as for the equipment suitable for molding. The molding of car components is one of the sectors in which Huaxin operates, among others, which demonstrates the flexible mentality of the staff in moving between various fields of application of die-casting aluminum.
For advice on the construction of automotive molds, contact Huaxin.China HPDC Die Casting Parts

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