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Assessing his own progress, Jones, 22, acknowledged that he's had some good days, and then some bad ones.NFL Towel

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"I don't expect nothing less from Odell," Landry said. "That's his character and that's who he is. He's a guy who's always going to train hard and be prepared."

Custom NBA Bath Towels

If Parsons can make the moves on the football field on Sundays that he is making on the practice field and on the chessboard, it could be checkmate for opposing offenses in the NFC East.FACE COVER

Joe Burrow delivered arguably the best season a quarterback has ever seen in college football history back in 2019, going from draft afterthought to the unquestioned No. 1 overall pick while leading the LSU Tigers to a national title.NBA Knit Hat

Vander Esch believes the competition will be "fun," because "competing with each other, not against each other, I think that's the thing about being a good teammate."

Bears fans should still monitor Nagy’s words closely as the preseason process rolls along. Every big compliment he gives Fields will bring him one step closer to naming his rookie as his starting quarterback. It’s only a matter of time before Fields takes control of the Bears offense.NHL Knit Hat

From contributions in the personnel department, to the grading scale used by the Patriots (and now other clubs) to evaluate players, to coaching, game-planning and in-game situational consulting for Belichick, Adams has had a hand in multiple facets of the operation in New England for decades.

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